Cape Cod Comprehensive Treatment Centers: Methadone & Suboxone Clinics

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Our Locations

East Wareham, MA

Our Address:
3088 Cranberry Hwy
East Wareham, MA 02538

Business Hours:
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: 6:00am - 2:00pm
Tuesday: 6:00am - 8:00pm
Saturday & Sunday: Closed

Medication Hours:
Monday - Friday: 5:45am - 11:30am
Weekends and Holidays: 6:00am- 9:15am

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Yarmouth, MA

Our Address:
31A Workshop Rd
South Yarmouth, MA 02664

Business Hours:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 6:00am - 4:00pm
Wednesday: 6:00am - 6:00pm
Saturday & Sunday: 6:00am - 9:15am

Medication Hours:
Monday - Friday: 6:00am - 11:30am
Saturday & Sunday: 6:00am - 9:15am

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I am on my way to living a happy, healthy life because of this place. The outstanding treatment I've gotten here makes me confident that I will be able to overcome my addiction.

– Nick K.

Learn Why Medication-Assisted Treatment Really Works

Support, Encouragement, & Comfort

Thank you for considering Cape Cod Comprehensive Treatment Centers at this challenging time. We understand how overwhelming it can be to reach out for help for an addiction and we therefore commend you on your courage in taking this first step towards recovery. Knowing how daunting it can be to get treatment for an addiction, we, at Cape Cod Comprehensive Treatment Centers, go to all ends to make sure that your recovery process encourages, supports, and comforts you all the way through. Rest assured that you have come to the right place.

Realizing Hope

Grappling with an opioid addiction can cause an individual to feel as though he or she is backed into a corner with no way out. If you are struggling with a morphine, prescription painkiller, or heroin addiction, you can easily feel like you are out of control of your life and are stuck in the continual abuse of these substances. You might feel as though your future is dull as you begin to see different areas of your life becoming negatively affected by your continued opioid abuse. At Cape Cod Comprehensive Treatment Centers, we are here to help you see that your future still holds hope. You can make the changes necessary to recover, and we can help you on that journey.

Individualized Treatment

With programming options for individuals ages 18 and older who are battling an addiction to opioids, Cape Cod Comprehensive Treatment Centers provide medication assisted treatment and therapeutic services that have proven to be effective in aiding individuals as they achieve a successful recovery. It is our goal to help anyone and everyone who comes to us for care so that they can defeat their addiction, overcome their desire to keep using, and begin building a life that is free from substance abuse.