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Learn About Us

Yarmouth Comprehensive Treatment Center is a premier provider of medically supervised, medication assisted treatment for those individuals, aged 18 and older, who are burdened by an addiction to opioids. At Yarmouth Comprehensive Treatment Center, we supply programming options for these individuals that provide the complete care needed to overcome their addiction. Our care includes a mixture of therapeutic methods and the implementation of medications that are proven to be safe and effective in treating opioid addiction.

With a staff of incredibly talented nurses, counselors, and physicians, Yarmouth Comprehensive Treatment Center is pleased to provide patients with a safe and encouraging environment to work in as they make their way towards full recovery. When patients come to us grappling with addictions to substances such as heroin, prescription painkillers, or morphine, our kind and empathetic team of professionals go to all ends to monitor the prescription and administration of the medications we utilize to ensure that each patient obtains the best outcomes possible. The medications that we supply to help treat opioid addiction here at Yarmouth Comprehensive Treatment Center include:

  • Subutex
  • Suboxone
  • Methadone

The specific medication that is supplied will be based on the needs of each patient and his or her health status. The dosage that is recommended, as well as any alterations to that dosage, will be customized so that all of the patient’s needs are being met. Dosage recommendations and changes will be conducted by one of our medical professionals.

Our Treatment Therapies

To supply patients with a fully comprehensive treatment plan to kick their opioid addiction once and for all, we, at Yarmouth Comprehensive Treatment Center, feel that therapeutic methods of care must be included into the treatment plans created for patients. We are fully aware of the exceptional benefits of helping patients comprehend the underlying causes of their opioid addiction, and we work endlessly to ensure that they have a proper outlet for the emotions surrounding their recovery. In addition, we feel that patients can also obtain great benefit from establishing a network of support amongst others in the program that have shared in similar experiences. Therefore, we, at Yarmouth Comprehensive Treatment Center, are happy to supply patients with the below listed treatment modalities:

  • Group therapy
  • Individual therapy

If you or someone you love is battling an addiction to opioids and possesses the desire to recover, please reach out to Yarmouth Comprehensive Treatment Center right now. We can help you regain control of your life once and for all.